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Methods of payment

As we are a big exporter of goods, it makes sense for us to be able to offer you the maximum convenience at checkout. You can choose from the following secure payment methods:

  • PayPal: one of the most favorable forms of payment online
  • Contrareembolso
  • Bank transfer (could take 2-3 additional days while your order is being processed)
  • Credit and debit cards: all of the important brands are supported.
    • MasterCard
    • Visa
    • Euro6000
    • Maestro
    • Sofort
    • WebMoney

You have any questions regarding the methods of payment?

We are here for you! Contact us through online chatting or initiate a ticket in your user account. Our employee will gladly inform you on the process to follow when you make a payment and will tell you which methods are best suited for you.




Wish list

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Your wish lists can turn out to be your best companion while making purchases in the future.

You don’t have enough funds in your current account? You want to buy the product later because you haven’t made up your mind? Something is hindering you from making the purchase?

Wish lists are made for occasions like these and don’t hesitate to try their powers. Moreover, you can share them with your friends!

How does wish lists work?

When you send one or multiple items to your wish lists, it takes just a few clicks. You can access your wish lists from your personal account, or the button located on the upper right corner next to the shopping cart.

Completely personalized

What the wish lists offer is not just save and ready. If you are an experienced buyer who visits our website often, you are likely to have ended up with your wish list full of items. Therefore we allow you to create as many wish lists as you like, to each of which you can assign a distinctive and memorable name.

For example, you can have a list for electronics, and another list for computers, fashion, etc. 




Coupons and reward points

As a customer who shops on, you are entitles to exclusive discounts and coupons that you can redeem in future purchases. Just save more!

How to earn coupons and discounts on

We offer several ways to accumulate discounts that you can enjoy in future purchases:

- You can obtain discounts by subscribing to our newsletter

- You can earn I2M points each time you make a purchase. You can redeem them at any moment!

- You can earn reward points and discounts by participating the community events. We will tell you each time how you can earn them.

- Points need to be redeem in 90 days

How many reward points do I have right now?

If you want to know how many rewards points you have gathered so far in your account, please simply go to your account page and click on the relevent entries in the user panel navigation menu. You can check how many points you have earned and also their expiration dates. You can access them here.

How could I use the discount coupons on the website?

It is a fairly simple process, since you can always find coupon effers on our product pages. To apply these coupons is also as easy as a breeze.

  1. Locate your product in our catalog.
  2. Search on the web (or in the inbox of your email if we have sent you that way) a discount coupon that is applicable to that product/promotion.
  3. Apply the coupon by pasting the codes during making an order. This is before making the payment when you have to review the items in your shopping cart.




Shipping policy

All our shipments include tracking number. There are multiple options for the shipping. You will be asked what kind of shipping method you desire on the checkout process. We are not responsible of the Custom Charges that may vary and depend of each destination country.

You can follow the shipment from the website of the shipping company using the tracking number. You will receive the tracking number as soon the order has been shipped.